• <h2>Andrea Vicari Trio</h2><strong>Friday 23rd February</strong>

    Andrea Vicari Trio

    Friday 23rd February
  • <h2>Snake Davis Burden of Paradise</h2><strong>Thursday 1st March</strong>

    Snake Davis Burden of Paradise

    Thursday 1st March
  • <h2>Miles Gilderdale & The Brothers</h2><strong>Thursday 15th March</strong>

    Miles Gilderdale & The Brothers

    Thursday 15th March
  • <h2>The Cinnamon Club's 15th Birthday Party</h2><strong>Friday 20th April</strong>

    The Cinnamon Club's 15th Birthday Party

    Friday 20th April
  • <h2>The Animals</h2><strong>Friday 27th April</strong>

    The Animals

    Friday 27th April
  • <h2>Martin Speake Quartet feat Ethan Iverson</h2><strong>Sunday 29th April</strong>

    Martin Speake Quartet feat Ethan Iverson

    Sunday 29th April
  • <h2>Victor Brox</h2><strong>Friday 11th May</strong>

    Victor Brox

    Friday 11th May
  • <h2>Swingtime Big Band feat. Georgina Jackson</h2><strong>Friday 15th June</strong>

    Swingtime Big Band feat. Georgina Jackson

    Friday 15th June
  • <h2>Stevie Williams & the Most Wanted Band</h2><strong>Friday 22nd June</strong>

    Stevie Williams & the Most Wanted Band

    Friday 22nd June
  • <h2>Sara Dowling</h2><strong>Friday 13th July</strong>

    Sara Dowling

    Friday 13th July