• <h2>SK2 Jazz Orchestra</h2><strong>//Sunday 2nd April</strong>

    SK2 Jazz Orchestra

    //Sunday 2nd April
  • <h2>AMC Chorale</h2><strong>//Friday 2nd June</strong>

    AMC Chorale

    //Friday 2nd June
  • <h2>Dominic Halpin & The Honey B's</h2><strong>// Friday 31st March</strong>

    Dominic Halpin & The Honey B's

    // Friday 31st March
  • <h2>Jeremy Sassoon</h2><strong>//Friday 16th June</strong>

    Jeremy Sassoon

    //Friday 16th June


    Hello! Since Spring has finally sprung in Altrincham and we’re enjoying beautiful blue skies,...