• <h2>Ian Shaw</h2><strong>// Friday 20th May</strong>

    Ian Shaw

    // Friday 20th May
  • <h2>Dominic Halpin</h2><strong>// Thursday 19th May</strong>

    Dominic Halpin

    // Thursday 19th May
  • <h2>Tom Seals</h2><strong>// Friday 17th June</strong>

    Tom Seals

    // Friday 17th June
  • <h2>Sara Dowling</h2><strong>// Friday 13th May</strong>

    Sara Dowling

    // Friday 13th May
  • <h2>Jamie Leeming feat. Emily Dankworth</h2><strong>// Monday 4th July</strong>

    Jamie Leeming feat. Emily Dankworth

    // Monday 4th July


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